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  1. I have learnt about my new topic and it is Europe. All of the diffrant countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland.

  2. .keep your password an username to your self
    .Don’t be silly
    .Don’t wright nasty things
    .No mean things
    .Don’t swear on the blog

  3. Our blog rules are really important like:
    .Keep your own personal passwords to yourselves
    .Don’t write any silly comments about each other
    .Don’t be rude or nasty to each other

  4. Don’t share passwords because they will blog mean words on your password them teachers will se it then they will think that you done it but it was somebody else who done it.

  5. 1.You shouldn’t give anyone your personal stuff .
    2. Don’t give anyone your password to anybody .
    3.You should follow are school rules.
    4. Give nice feedback to each over.
    5.Send respectful things.
    6.Always out of the blog once you have finished.

  6. 1.Don’t give anyone your personal password.

    2.Always log out before get off.

    3.Don’t text anyone you don’t no.

    4.Send respectful things to each other and not nasty things.

    5.Follow internet rules.

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