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Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online

Information from Nottingham City Safeguarding Board:



  • Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) agency


CEOP provide a range of resources designed for young people. Think You Know has general advice and information about how to stay safe online

CEOP also help young people or parents/carers to report any concerns they may have about something that has happened when they are on-line. If you are worried about something that has happened to you, or someone you know, you can use this link


  • Sexting


Sexting is when a young person sends sexually explicit material to another person. This could include photographs of themselves or others. This can make them vulnerable and could be a crime. Click here or search online for ‘Share aware’ to find this information.


  • Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is using the internet, email, online games or any digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else. The charity Childline has good information online to help. Click here or search online for ‘Childline cyber bullying’. You can call Childline for free on 0800 1111 at any time.


  • Child Sexual Exploitation


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is when a young person is used by being made or tricked into doing something sexual – sometimes receiving something in return like love, affection, money, drugs or alcohol. Visit this link for more information and help





European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages

Today Europe celebrated the day of languages!

We wanted to try and get our song Worlds Greatest in as many different languages as possible-

Do you know any of the words in an European language for our song?

Here are the lyrics in English- maybe your parents could help?

I am a mountain,
I am a tall tree, oh
I am a swift wind
Sweeping the country

I am a river,
Down in the valley, oh
I am a vision
And I can see clearly
If anybody asks you who I am, just stand up tall, look ’em in the face and say
I’m that star up in the sky
I’m that mountain peak up high
Hey I made it, hmm
I’m the worlds greatest
I’m that little bit of hope
When my back’s against the ropes
I can feel it, hmm
I’m the worlds greatest
I am a giant
I am an Eagle oh
I am a lion
Down in the jungle
I am a marching band
I am the people oh
I am a helping hand
I am a hero

Thank you to these children for sharing their home languages in assembly today:

Herow, Adam, Oskar, Jeoziadaque, Quezia, Claudia, Melanie, Vlad, Kuba, Vilte, Stephanie, Jovial.


We also listened to Worlds Greatest in Spanish


Sheringham Day 2

Sheringham Day 2

imageWhat another fantastic day! We woke to beautiful weather and enjoyed a full english breakfast to set us up for the day.


Back on the coastal hopper …. Today we went to Wells Next The Sea. We arrived in good time and ate our fish and chips in glorious sunshine. After spending some money in the shops we boarded the minature railway down to Wells Beach.


We enjoyed paddling, skimming stones, finding shells and making sandcastles. We even had time for some football!


We walked back to catch the coastal hopper to Sheringham…. All excited in anticipation of our ice cream!  The shop was amazing and had so many flavours to choose. We think the favourite was the bright blue bubblegum flavour!

To end our day we strolled along the promenade and made our way to the pebble beach to paddle skim stones and watch the sun come down.


18167 steps counted today !


Sheringham Day 1

Sheringham Day 1

Wow what a wonderful first day at the coast. We wslked over 24000 steps yesterday n s little over 5 miles!

We began with our bus journey on the cosstal hopper to Blakeney…. We had our lunch on the Quayside taking in the views then walked 1.7 miles to Morston quay ready for our seal watching boat trip.

We spotted so many seals … An amazing experience.


We hopped back on the bus to Weybourne and visited their pebble beach. We found dome geat stones for our wonder room! We then set off on the 3 mile walk along tbe Norfolk Coastal Path back to Sheringham- there were a few hills n some very hot sticky and tired people!

We arrived back at the hostel for 7pm after a very long hot but exciting day.


Special mentions from me go to:

charis maiscee and dylan – teamworkers and supprting your friend


Vilte- amazing camera woman

Deanna and Ralph- endless positivity which kept us all going up the last few steeps hills


Connor Rigley- you are our Bear Gryllls! Ready for every possibility!

image image image




Check out the weather forecast for the week ahead.


What temperatures are we going to see this week?

Why is it going to be this warm?

MOST IMPORTANTLY- how do we keep safe with this hot weather? What can help us to do this?