Nottingham Industrial Museum

Nottingham Industrial Museum

Year 5 had a brilliant learning away experience at Nottingham Industrial Museum. We are very grateful to the volunteers who shared their knowledge with us, helping us to learn lots of interesting facts. We were amazed to see real machines that they used in the past to make cloth and to see the size of the steam engines.

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  1. Well lost of people were poor and they was not allowed to go school but the rich people was allowed to go school and the poor children had to work and it started about 8 to 12 years ago.

  2. We all found out that most people had to share tolate and house and most of the house was crowded and the to men at night when people was asleep they emped the water and went all down the streets and some of the children was working some was living on the streets some was orders

  3. When we went to the industrial Museum, there was a machine which people used to work in. They didn’t get a Saturday or Sunday, so they didn’t get much time to spend with their family, which is very sad. They usually didn’t get refresh air and didn’t have much food or water. They rarely had got it. Over 8 they had to start working. They didn’t get to go school, for the poor children at least. Rich children got to go to school and got an education.

  4. 1.Life in the industrial revolution. When this happened people used to share toilets with there neighbours. Children in the old days that childen could not afford to go to school so they would have to work all day in the mines . One of the things the would have to bring is a davy lampand a canary also they will have to wear protective gear.

  5. The Industrial Revolution was one of the hardest times in Great Britain. Children over the age of seven had to work in the factories. Because it was dangerous and hard, some of them even died because it was dangerous and hard. Even old people died. The air was being polluted by the gas.

  6. In the old days people use to work at home but now factories we built and now changed people life and in old days people have to share toielts.

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