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  1. They eat grass and leaves.My mum said they like to eat flying fairy dust to make them fly.They are hunted by humans because there antlers are use to make tools,clothes,food,weapoes and use there fat to make into candles and cooking oils.They can come from Canda,Alaska,Greenland and North America.Also they have sharp bits at the end of there huff to grib on the ice.They can survie in the cold.There also very good swimmers and a good sense of smell.

  2. Where do reindeer live and why do they get hunted?

    Reindeers live in many places such as Canada , Finland , Greenland , North of Europe and North America all the reindeer that live in the North dig inside the ice using their hooves so they don’t get taken by the wind because their fur is so worm they get hunted by humans so that the humans can stay worm they also get hunted for their meat so we can survive.

    What do they eat?

    all reindeers are vegetarians witch means that they don’t eat meat they only eat plants , vegetables , fruits , moss , green algae and many more.
    what facts do you know

    75 years ago disease spreaded through the reindeer which made all the reindeer in Siberia. The males grow antlers to battle for females and impress them.

    Written by Jade Turner

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