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  1. I enjoy everything but the most thing enjoyed the most is… seeing the seals.We learned about the seals and they was really interesting because there is common seals and grey seals.There was a big one that was the daddy he was massive.There also a baby one that was moving and it look weird.

  2. I enjoyed going on the boat trip to see the seals because first of all it was my first time on a boat, it was an incredible experience to see the seals up close it was better than I thought it would be. I also liked visiting the Henry Blogg museum and learning about the most decorated lifeboat man who risked his life for other people. I think Sheringham is a wonderful place to visit there are lots of things to see and do, my Grannie and Grandad have been there a lot and said they loved it and they were right and I would love to go again one day.

  3. I also enjoy going to the life boat museum because there were lots to explore.It was so interesting to sea the real life boat they go to resue people.But i really wantn’t to see it lornch.

  4. I enjoyed the food. We went to a place called Number 1 Fish Bar. I have battered sausage and chips. When I had finished my dinner,for dessert I have ice cream and cookie dough.The drink i had was lime.

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