What size shoes do you wear and how long is your foot? We will be investigating this data on Friday in our maths lesson. Do you think we will find any patterns in the numbers?

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  1. My size is 1 and my length 18cm long . I think we will because usually our hands are like 9cm,10cm,12,cm,13cm,14cm in a pattern so maybe our feet will be like that .

  2. My shoe size is a size 3 and the length of my foot is 21cm.I think there is going to be a pattern in the numbers because everyone who is a size 3 their length of their foot is 21cm like mine and it might go like that and it might carry on.

  3. :My shoe size is 4
    :Length 20
    :the match is in most time tables 20 is in it and in 20 /4 times tables the number is in it

  4. I am size 2 and my foot length is 21CM.
    My brother is a size 13 and his foot length is 19CM.
    My mum is a size 6 like the Headteacher so she is 23CM the same. One pattern I noticed is all our lengths are all odd.

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