Year 5 LOVE reading.

Year 5 LOVE reading.

Year 5 have excellent reading skills and it is good to see them practising as much as possible (even in the staffroom!) Our fluency target is 150 words per minute. You can do this by reading a familiar book and also reading a new text. Practise as much as you can year 5, you can do it. What sort of books do you enjoy reading?


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  1. I like to read chapter books. I have been wanting to try out chapter books with out photos in or drawings. It would be interesting because I want to see if it would paint a picture in my head while I am reading.

  2. I like reading chapter books . Because I have been wanting try them out .I Also what to see the drawings and pictures.

  3. I love adventure books because it makes it more exciting.
    I also like adventure books because there really fun and in the book people go different places around the world.The books are really exciting.

  4. I love reading because sometimes It make me image what it is like in that place were the story is set. When we did the pictures I sat in someone Miss Winter office and I love reading in her office.

  5. I love reading chapter books because they have lots of pages.It sets the place in my mind it makes my drawing better and my painting.My favourite book is stitch head still.

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