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  1. This looks very weird. But I remember a sentence from yesterday and it’s The trees look like an upside down walking stick.

  2. I see some funny trees with curved stands.I see as well it looks like a upsidedown walking stick.I see also that if you claim on it you can’t.

  3. I see trees shaped as a c.They also remind me of up side down candy canes and in the corner I can see small bushes with beautiful white flowers on.

    I think they look like a curved chair in the middle of nowhere.
    I also think these trees are amazing I will love to see them kind of trees in the woods it will be awesome.

    I wonder where these trees are and what kind of trees are they.I also wonder how did they grow like that and do they grow in any places.

  4. I see funny trees with curved stands.I see as well it looks like a upside down walking stick.I see also that if you clime on it you can not.

    I think that if you look at it properly it does look like a upside down massive walking stick.I think as well that you can not clime on it.

    I wonder you invented them and what there name.I wonder as well how they grow them you every invented it.

  5. I see a tree tilted to the right and when you the tree upside it looks like a walking stick also it looks like a trumpet.

    I think that if you touch the tree it would be poisoness and if you touch it would it move.

    I wonder if you could climb on it also how did the tree get like that.

  6. I see bendy trees that look like a elephant’s trunk. However, the trees look like the letter L. I compared the trees to a elephant’s trunk because an elephant’s trunk looks rough.

    I think that the trees have been there for years. When I see the trees in this photo, it makes me really curious and makes me want to find out more about them. I think they are ancient because they are very wrinkly.

    I wonder if they are old?
    Are they real?
    Did people plant them like this?
    Will they change the way they grow?

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