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  1. I’m going to Believe by believing in what i’m stuck on like a tricky maths question.
    I’m going to Belong by wearing my school uniform every day except on special days like world book day.
    I am going to Achieve by trying hard in my work to earn a certificate in any thing on the learning wheel or on the blog.

    Believe is very important because if you don’t believe you won’t progress more in your education.When the teacher gives you a very hard challenge,don’t just give up, take a risk and have at least a go at it. When you try the problem you might get the hang of it. Self-confidence is the key part.
    If you want to get 96% or more you have to come to school everyday because you will miss out on your learning. If you got your school uniform on every school day people around you will say that your in the Henry Whipple Primary School community. You even can be a role model for the younger children.
    Achieve is the main part of all of them. If you want to achieve you have to belong and believe as well. In your work or test the teachers would want you to succeed and progress more in your learning so when you do you, will achieve high quality in your test.

  3. Believe

    I will believe in myself by taking the challenge in my learning even if it’s hard.I will try again until it I find the answer.I will believe myslef because I know I can do my focus and my challenge by trying hard.


    I can belong by always doing and handing in my homework.I will always have my P.E. kit so that I don’t have to miss out.However,I will belong by making sure I have the correct school uniform and shoes (Black) .


    I will achieve by making progress in my learning.I will always try my best so that I don’t have to do my work again.I will use my best hand-writing so that I can get a pen license.I will also use all my Year 4 Big Write standards which are highlighted in my Big Writes.

  4. I will believe by,if I do a challenge I will believe in my self because I want to get better.I will also believe in my self by doing my fear so pic spiders up and go up high (because I’m scared of heights).
    I will achieve in my learning by trying my hardest and listen carefully.I will also achieve in my learning by helping others.
    I will belong in hwp by wearing school uniform and bringing my p.e kit and finally bringing my book bag.I will also belong to hwp by always trying my best and being friends with everybody.

  5. I will believe by if I get a really hard challenge I will make sure I do it and believe in others to do it!
    I’ll achieve by making sure I follow all the school rules everyday and doing all my work which will be by best work.
    I will belong by wearing school uniform and bring my book bag and P.E kit.

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