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  1. The word that came in my mind was imagination. I was close because dancing requires a lot of imagination. I thought that we all did a great job and in encouraged each other to carry on.

  2. In dance I had fun because its always getting ower body moving and even with the feather because its moves ower: arm, legs and the rest of ower holes body

  3. I wasn’t here year5 so it looks like you had great FUN!I missed this dancing so tell me what you did.
    Here are some questions:
    Did you learn something new?
    What were those feathers called?
    why did you use feathers for this type of dancing?
    What type of dancin was it called?

  4. I really enjoyed feather dancing because I have never done it before and we were put in partners and our partner had to draw a picture of how we were moving around.

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