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  1. NSPCC was talking about the Child line if something happens the people who can help are teachers, parents and police.

  2. The importance of this session was that it is never a child’s fault if their parents/carers are arguing fight/abusing each other. If someone is in a situation like this one of the most important thing is to tell a trusted adult or contact Childline.
    Childline’s number:
    0800 1111

  3. If you are worried about something you can contact childline which is free,the number is 08001111. It is important to talk to someone to help you solve your problems to help you feel better.

  4. I realy enjoyed working with the NSPCC workers and I hope they come again. I love the way we could use fortune tellers to get quizzed.

  5. I was very happy that the NSPCC came to work with us because we learned about different intresting things.For example: neglect,sexual abuse,phisical abuse and emotional abuse.By the way, if you are worrried or sad about anything,don’t just sit there call childline.
    Police number-999
    childline number-0800 1111

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