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  1. Emily Davison was born in black south in London, to Charles Davison and Margaret Davison. She had two sisters and brothers as well as several halve siblings from her fathers marriage.

  2. By 1911, Davison was becoming increasingly militant. On 4 June 1913, she ran out in front of the king’s horse as it was taking part in the Epsom Derby. Her purpose was unclear, but she was trampled on and died on 8 June from her injuries.

  3. Emily Wilding Davison was born in Blackheath in southeast London on 11 October 1872. Emily Wilding Davison was a suffragette who fought for women’s suffrage in the early twentieth century.

    She was trampled under King George V horse. She even sacrificed her life so women can get a vote. She was arrested for causing a public disturbance and was arrested and put in jail.

  4. Emily wilding Davison was a lady who made women vote. Only men where allowed to vote. It was unfair for women. So one day it was the big race and she walked on to the track and tried to put a scald on the kings horse but was trampled by him. Four days later she died from her injuries.

  5. Emily Davison was a very brave campaigner. She went to prison 9 times and went on hunger strikes and that lead her to being force fed 49 times. At the Epson Derby race, she attempted to put a scarf on the kings horse which said, WSPU give women the rights to vote. As she tried to put the scarf around the kings horse, it knocked her over and made her unconscious 4 days later she died.

  6. I have found out that Emily Davison was a woman who wanted to fight for a women’s vote. She once walked on to a race track and she wanted to pin a scarf to the kings horse that said, “vote for women” but the horse collided with her and she fell unconscious and 4 days later she died. It makes me feel upset because she risked her life for other women.

  7. Emily Davison was a member of the wspu which stands for women’s social political union. The women protested to try let women be able to vote. She was arrested nine times for public disturbance and in prison she went on hunger strikes and she had to be force fed so she did not die. Emily was killed by a horse by accident when she tried to attach a wspu scarf to the horse owned by king George the V. I think its very sad that five years after she died women were allowed to vote and she will never know her work paid off.

  8. Emily Davidson was a campaigner for women’s rights to vote . Although she has been jailed 9 times, she never stopped campaigning. Emily Davidson attended at the Kensington high school, Royal Holloway collage and she studied at St Hugh’s collage, oxford and the university of London. When in prison, Emily often went on a hunger strike. When She went to prison she would refuse to eat food an barricade herself in her cell.

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