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  1. Basically, we were finding out how many grams Winnie ate.
    So first, we hade to find out how many grams was in the bag all together and it was 16.5g times 6 which is 99.0(99). Then we have to find out what one third of 6 is and that is 2, so you do 16.5g times 2=33g.The answer is she ate 33grams of wotsits.

  2. 1. 16.5 x 6 = 99g
    There are 99 grams in a multipack.

    2. 2 packets x 16.5g = 33g
    Check: 99 / 3 = 33g

    Winnie eats 33 grams of Wotsits.

  3. First,we need to times 16.5 by 6 which is 99.
    The next step is divide the answer by three because we need to find one third of it which is 33 grams
    Winnie eats 33 grams.

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