Jasper O’Leary loved to eat junk

Jasper O’Leary loved to eat junk

Year 5 worked in teams today to write a poem with rhyming couplets. Use some of the words to write about Jasper’s life.

thing/king         plate/straight         tarnished/garnish         goal/whole        grim/him

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  1. Jasper lorry then it comes to eating junk food japer was the king the things that he ate tier bits garnish in hot tare. Thing that was on his plat he ate start. He tried to eat a ship but he got hit bye alary he was not breed in a smothery. no he was breed at junk yard just for him.

  2. Jasper’s whole life has been very grim because junk nearly killed him. Jasper O’Leary was a strange character because he ate strange foods with melted tar as a garnish. Jasper would eat anything on his plate and that made him poorly. His goal was to swim in the ocean and get an oil tank from a boat and the boat squished him and killed him.

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