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  1. Hugo is not a bad person because he is trying to build something that his dad found out.He wants to make a old,rusty machine into a good as new,amazing machine from the past.I think he is making it only because to remember his dad and so he isn’t lonely.

  2. Stealing is a terrible thing to do but Hugo needs to get the cogs and wheels out so the toys.So he is stealing for a good reason.

  3. In my opinion I think that huge is a thief but he stole for the right reason. To me I thought that it was ok that he stole but it does not mean people should steel themselves.

  4. It is never right to steal even for good reasons.
    But Hugos trying to rebuild his memory of his father with the items he stole, but it is still not right to steal.

  5. You are not aloud to steal because it is forbidden. Hugo does steal to rebuild his memory for a good reason. Hugo is very dissimilar because he lives all alone. Would he get caught for stealing?

  6. Hugo is stealing the toys for a good reason because he might use it for a good reason in his secret hinding place.

  7. I don’t think it makes Hugo a bad person because he stole as it could have been for a good reason. If you or a family member was going to die, you should be allowed to steal medicine to help them get better. I really like the book because it is very detailed and interesting.

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