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  1. It is amazing to be able to learn new things every term for instance air resistance. Yesterday we were doing about air resistance and I enjoyed it. My favriote thing that we did was make the parkas hoots together in groups and that everyone partisapated.

  2. Air resistance is the force of air pushing against a moving object. As an object moves, air resistance slows it down. Everyone participated and everyone enjoyed it expessialy making the parachutes and be creative with our excellent project.

  3. Last week we tried out air resistance. We had a toy car and a plank to see how far it would travel. Then we made a parachute but fount out that it was to small.

  4. It is amazing what you can learn from science.you need a big parachute so it has more air touching it and that will change the speed of the toy car.

  5. Last week we tried air resistance It was amazing how fast it goes with a parashoot a toy car and a plank we made the parashoot and we worked in groups of 5 and 4 it was really fun to do.

  6. When we made a parashoot we had lots of aquaticment to used and my group was working as a teamwork and I hop you did too.

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