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  1. Hugo was looking behind him to see if anyone was following him. He also looks like he’s running away from somebody, so he is looking back to see if they have caught up with him. In the other picture, Hugo is looking through a keyhole because something bad might had happen to him but he doesn’t know or he is spying on someone.

  2. Hugo was hiding behind the the clock so knowbody finds out he is there.In the other picture it looks like he’s running so he doesn’t get caught.

  3. Hugo is a private and quiet boy who lives in a clock tower. He steals toys from an old man in a toy shop to build a machine that we don’t know much about yet.

  4. Hugo wants to be anonymous so know one recognises him. He steals pieces of toys because he wants to make something…

  5. When Hugo looked through the clock tower could see the Man and the girl arguing. Hugo looked back as he wanted to know weather the Man who stole his notebook.

  6. What I know about him that he doesn’t want to get discovered
    and he doesn’t want to be seen.
    Hugo has no friends.

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