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  1. I liked the clockwork it was fun.

    when I got the book I thought it was not good but at the end it was so good.

  2. All our reviews were fantastic I really like the mystery in Swaathi’s and excitement in Kyle’s.

  3. I didn’t really like the book at first but i like it by the end.The book didn’t have many pictures so I imagined the robot/animatronic was 7 feet tall at least,he ticked as his joints moved and killed the people who activated him when they said devil.

  4. Clockwork is a really good book because it has a lot of pictures in that book so it was so good book. I love that book because when we are finished the book we get to take it home. I really enjoyed that book so much and it was fun.

  5. These reviews are amazing! When I finish a book it kind of feels a bit strange and wierd.I really like the mystery exspecially in Stephanie’s. I like it how you describe it as a book change life and compared that to a tree changing colour but in an unexpected way.Everyone reviews had a lot of impact on the story.It creates atmosphere mystery and tension.

  6. I really like the clockwork to its is so amazing finding out more thinks about that book and its is fantastic so I really love that book and I also like the other books and the mystery

  7. I didn’t like the first part because it wasn’t that interesting but when we were in the end it started to get athusiasome into it.

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