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  1. I enjoyed drumming but when I started drumming thought that it was boring but when we done it it was very good but the thing which I don’t like is cariying the drums because there was to heavy and I have to use to drums and It was amazing.

    second part is dancing when i was dancing it was easy because I’m the best dancer in my family.

  2. I loved the samba dancing and i thought the instromants where super loud.My faveroute musical instroment was the darth vader one.

  3. Samba is known as the carnival rhythms of Brazil. The music is loud, which is aimed to attract listeners. They are designed so that they are light to carry in the Brazilian carnivals for hours on end. A Samba band is often referred to as a bateria.

  4. I think drumming was so fun because we all have to do it at the same time and that was really tricky and hard.

  5. I enjoyed making music and dancing. I developed more participating skills and risk taking because I joined in for everything and I gave it a risk. Everyone did fantastically and enjoyed the session.

  6. I really enjoyed dancing and drumming in the workshop. It was really fun dancing with Rebecca again and can’t wait to find out if we can do it again!

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