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  1. It’s important to talk about racism because people are being racist to a lot of people around the world.Every person who is racist are bullies and they have no respect for any one else but themselves.

  2. Racism is getting bullied and she is black and the girls are clean but the girls think that she is dirty and being mean to her.

  3. We should definitely show racism the RED CARD!! Racism is all about someone’s skin colour, belief, religion, language ,the way they speak and where they come from. People think that its ok to be racist but its NOT! They act like that because they think where they come from belongs to them they think the whole country belongs to them.

  4. Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their skin,personality,appearance etc.Racism has existed throughout human history. It has influenced wars and slavery.

    Racism is when someone’s treated differently or unfairly just because of their race or culture. People can also experience prejudice, when a decision is made or opinion formed without knowledge, thought or reason, because of their religion or nationality.

  5. Racism is a bad thing people get effected by thing and may choose the path to get to racism and start making people feel bad.

  6. If some body judg them were their are from or there language or skin colour that is racism and we have to show racism a red card and don’t let let any body judg your filter and Al’s we are so eaquile and that is good.

  7. Racism is a bad thing because people call others names for having different religions and being different. Racism has caused wars between people of different cultures and beliefs. I think there should be no more racism because it’s unfair for people of different religions and cultures.

  8. Racism is mean and may effect other people’s emotions.And could make them very upset if you say something nasty.

  9. I know that no one should have to suffer through racism. I also know that if you do you should tell someone you know and they might be able to help.

  10. Racism means that you are calling people black white and its not nice but some people was born with white skin black skin and people thinks that black people are dirty but they are not dirty.

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