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  1. We decided to make some rockets in our groups to see how high they would go. So first we designed our rockets and then went outside to test them. At first we changes water into vinegar to see if it will make the rockets go higher. Then we changed that we should put the lid from the bottom to the to. After we decide than putting half of alka-seltzer we put a whole. But some people went to German so they came back to try and do the experiment again but instead they did not use a rocket. So when they came back they told us that the rocket went so high. Then we decided that we would like to see it so we went outside again and looked at the changes they made and it went so high. In conclusion I thought that the second try was better because they did not use a rocket which was very creative and because the second try went so high.

  2. We had to change the fuel we use and change the weight of the rockets as some were to heavy and we changed wich way the capsule faced and how much of the tablet we put in.

  3. We tried to do it up way but it didn’t work then we tried it upsidedown but there was no change’s but she we put half tablet it didn’t work then we put a full tablet and all so it didn’t work as well as post to do then we came in and write down what happened out side then we came out side again then we tried it then it work because we made the right amount to make it work.

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