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  1. Stars are cosmic energy engines that produce heat, light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and other forms of radiation. They are composed largely of gas and plasma, a superheated state of matter composed of subatomic particles.

    This amazing fact I have found out thatStars in the heavens may also appear to be different colors because their temperatures are not all the same. Hot stars are white or blue and colder star are orange and red

  2. I found out that some parts of space are swirly. We also went in a dome and looked at some pictures and explained them to us. I have found out that everywhere in space is silent because it is a large vacuum. This means sound isn’t passed through space.

  3. In inflativerse we went inside a big inflatable dome which we saw stars constilations and we had a story about one of the constilations which was a queen who thought she was more good looking than the gods.Then we went to the classroom to find out about galaxies and we had to make a clasifacatiomn shceme to order the galaxies.

  4. I enjoyed talking about galaxies and we were doing the small one to the biggest one.
    although some had like different colours.

  5. We found out that there was small gallexys and big gallexys and we found out there was a full moon and a half shaped moon witch was white .

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