Orienteering at Colwick Park

Orienteering at Colwick Park

Today we went to Colwick Park and put our orienteering skills to the test! Fortunately we all found our way and made it back to school.

What do you need to do when you are orienteering? What might happen if you did not have these skills?



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  1. I really enjoyed going to colwick park we got really muddy and the mud was sludgy and there was a lot of puddles.

  2. I loved the orienteering because we all worked together as a team in our groups.Even though i got wet feet and I got dirty it was EPIC.

  3. It was really fun and challenging at colwick park and it was really interesting I just wanted to say that Connor rigly was great at walking around his map.

  4. That challenge was a really hard to do and it was so fun and emanya your are right Connor rigly is a good map reader and I hope everyone to enjoy it and it was so cold and muddy we all been teamworing and it wasn’t that easy

  5. Orienteering was incredible! The ducks were amazing to watch and walking around the park finding numbers with our orienteering skills was amazing to do orienteering at the park mostly because it was fun.

  6. If we didn’t have this orienteering skills we might just go any where and it may be bad because we might get lost in this giant humongous earth.

  7. Orienteering is a good skill to have. It is really fun and educational. I enjoyed the trip at Colwick Park. If you are good at orienteering, you can read a map easily and it will stop you getting lost.

  8. Orienteering is really important because if we didn’t know where we are going we might get lost and it might be very hard to get back where you started. Orienteering is like a maze to me!

  9. Orienteering was so much fun at colwook park. I enjoyed working with Leah and Kyle. Hopefully we can go on another trip like this one.

  10. If you don’t have these skills then the person will get lost so it is important to have the skills and know the way out.

  11. when we went to cowlick went into groups and we have to find the numbers and we was practising north ,south, east and west
    and it was fun.

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