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  1. Debating is all about fairness to me. In the house of Parliament, there is a speaker who can be a lady or man. There is a debate about laws and 2 groups one called house of common and one house of the lords. they all stand up and the speaker would choose who to speak. They would speak while the others sit down. After that, they will decide and bring the queen in to sign and that would become a law. As you can see, we were debating about the laws we could make. The laws weren’t going to come true we were only trying it out. I strongly agree, that laws are REALLY important and that the lords and commons get an equal speak.

  2. We organised it by taking a speaker in this case it was Deanna and Khan then we all stood up and the speaker chooses someone to give their example or opinion. After that they would all stand up again and the speaker would choose someone else. There are up to 650 mp in the parliament.

  3. I love doing about debating mostly because when we are older we might have to do some debating. I really liked the question about if we are allowed to bring phones to school or not I think not because the teachers don’t know who you are talking to and it is a big distraction. Sometimes people might find a question hard, say there going to the toilet and then end up using the phone as a calculator. The other one I liked is the if we are allowed to wear uniform to school I think not again because if we go out somewhere and people think we have good behaviour they wont know which school to find us at and at the same time I think yes we should not wear school uniform because maybe people know our names and then they see our school and then they would go to our school and ask for us and they might be complete strangers who we don’t know about and then something will happen to us. Do you agree with me?

  4. I don’t think you should wear non uniform because what if you was going to learning away trip in town and you were lost then you ask the police the police might not believe you.

  5. We should not have our phones at school because they can distract us and affect our work. It may get smashed and phones cost lots of money to replace.

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