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  1. Orienteering is map reading and is a great skill to have. It can help us by keeping us safe and we don’t have to get lost.

  2. Orienteering is an outdoor activity. we had to find our way around a course using a map. We found letters that we had to put together to make a sentence. I was just missing 4 letters at the end.
    I think i look very small at the side of that chair in the picture.

  3. Orienteering is the north est south west.it Helps if some body was wanting to travel they did not now whitch way to come it will help them like a kunpes.

  4. Orienteering is all about map reading. We learn it to know where we are and where we want to go. That day we were in the playground finding our way to do a riddle. It was hard, but worth it. Marcus was the one who set the riddle and then we had to try and work out the riddle and it was ” map reading is a good skill to have.”

  5. Orienteering was really fun ! ]
    I liked finding out the missing words and working together with over people.
    The word that we found was

    Map reading is a great skill to have
    which is really true because if you was lost and you had a map but didn’t know how to use it that would be really bad

  6. Orienteering is a good skill to have. Imagine you wanted to go to the north pole for a holiday {people won’t really be there} and you don’t have a map, you need to learn how to get there and where you are. If you didn’t know all of those skills, you might aswell get lost. That’s why we ALL need to have “Orienteering skills.”

  7. Orienteering helps when you get lost somewhere or you barely know where you are. Orienteering helps people in many of their own ways such as getting lost, knowing where you are or just learning it just like us year 5 had.

  8. Orienteering is a good life skill to have because it is map reading and you learn how to find places to go to. It was really fun and I want to thank the man who helped us with the activity.

  9. Orienteering was fun because we get to go and look for loads of flags and it was a bit easy but the second thing I did not like is the weather because we have to find the flag in the cold weather.

    Although when you hold the sheet your hands will be freezing.

    Meanwhile when Orienteering was finish it was hard to take the flag of.

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