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  1. Never send any personal information to anyone. Never arrange to meet anyone. Always
    treat people the way you want to
    be treated. Always ask your perents for information on what to do or if you’re arranging to meet someone. Nevertheless

  2. I like doing about emojis and internet safety. I enjoyed everyone’s pictures and the digital leaders will vote so good luck.

  3. On Tuesday we made our Emojis to show how to be happy and safe online. So we had to complete puzzles, we read text messages to see if people were cyber bulling or being nice.

  4. Obviously I enjoyed designing my emojis.Everyone had great fun doing different varieties on safe internet day.We learned a lot that we didn’t know about safe internet day.We have to treat everyone the same because everyone is equal no matter how they act.

  5. In school we made Emojis so its to show people on safe intent day , safe intent day is important because your are not alowd to go on things that your not suppose to go on

  6. Everyone who designed a character were very creative. That day we had lots and lots of activities like reading a story with emojis, obviously made a character for the competition.

  7. I had lots of fun making my emoji about Safer Internet Day. I learned lots about staying safe online. I learned that I should be on the internet withy an adult to keep safe. This stops getting in danger and being bullied.

  8. The teachers did so much for us and used their time to help us educate what we need to learn and keep in mind!

    Special thanks to Mrs Weightman and Mrs Hodgson! Thank you for everything you have done I am and hopefully everyone is grateful for everything you teachers have done thank you!

  9. We designed our own Emojis to link with safer internet day. Its a more exciting way to explain how to be safe on the internet. We learnt how you can be safe online, and I really enjoyed it.

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