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  1. I know that you need be safe by not sharing your password to others and make sure that your parent watches what your doing. Don’t post pictures that can reaveal your location

  2. You can be safe on the internet by:
    – Never sharing your personal information
    -Never go on something that causes virus
    – Keep your privacy settings as high as possible
    – Never reply to them when they put an horrible message turn of your computer, tell an adult

  3. I know that being safe online is really important!

    To keep safe here are some rules to follow;

    NEVER share your password, real name, email, friend’s name, friend’s email.

    NEVER go on a page you don’t know about {it could be a virus}

  4. Safer internet day is really really important! It’s all about people being safe online on how they post videos and photos on social media>

  5. As you may know don’t ever give your password because you might get hacked on any social media you have!
    You are not allowed to have face-book if you are under 13!

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