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  1. King Alfred was the only king to be called the great. The reason he was called that is because he tested his people well, and he led his army into battle well.

  2. King Alfred defended England against the Danes and won the battle.He was king of England from 871 to 899.King Alfred was a popular,kind,helpful man,he wanted to improve the peoples quality of life.

  3. King Alfred was the king of Britain.
    he was called ”King Alfred the Great” for how nice he was and how brave he ruled his country.

  4. King Alfred was the great and led a battle from 871 AD to 899 AD. And a lady asked him to watch the cakes then they burned

  5. King Alfred was the first monarch to be called “the great”. He was known as the great for all he had achieve and done for his people in his lifetime. He achieved defeating the Danes for all their bad.

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