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  1. The spiky branches reached over to grab me, in the gloomy night where Grendel lay. The curved tree was the entrance to the night monster Grendel.

  2. Out of nowhere it struck and called my name, Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. My heart raced, but just because of that it will not stop saying my name. It stood up, and hit me. Know one was there I screamed. It wanted to put me in the distrustful swamp. I was wondering why it wanted to heart me it nearly killed me…….

    what do you think will happen next?

  3. The trees were bent like they were arms ready to get Beowulf. The marks on the trees look like eyes following him. When he looks up the moon stares at him,following his every move. Grendel awoke and saw Beowulf.

  4. The sky grew angry and I saw the lightning reached for me from the sky the forest floor grumbled as I walked across the the trees bent as if it was going to crush me.

  5. As the trees narrow down the winding path of the storming forest.I could felt the tree trying to grab me but it was in my head.So I cared on walking around the around the corner.But soming did not fell right suddenly I heard are door open it was as good as if some was following me.

  6. They grabbed me! They took me up in the sky and drop me into the hungry dangerous swap. It suffocated me. There I was, sucked up in its empty stomach. Wait was this a nightmare or all just true? The dark came in and the angry storm destroyed all the houses living in the earth. I felt something behind me! The figure put his hand round my neck and destroyed me along with the houses…

  7. In the distance a saw a scary creature behind me.
    As soon what I saw some one creeped behind me as I felt like it going to eat me.

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