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  1. On Tuesday we did a working together advent. We did word Detectives we did cross words suffixes and prefixes, and last of all we did a dice game were we have to role a dice if you landed on a star you have to spell a word.

  2. I enjoyed that my mum could come to our Word Detectives event at school. I most liked the dice game, it was very fun. I got a word wrong and was forced to spell it 5 times!!!!!

  3. I enjoyed word detectives because i liked working with my mum and other parents.I liked the dice game i won both times we played.

  4. My mum didn’t come,but like Claudia I liked working with other mums.My mum didn’t come but as long as some of the kids came and there happy I’m always happy to.We have to support each other even though you don’t have your parent.

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