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  1. Already the book sounds amazing. We started doing some work on it and today we tried creating some tension/atmosphere in our work. Also we took some notes/verbs and openers,subjects, adjective.

  2. There before my eyes it struck. It was not happy. Why was it here, who is it and what is it. Watch out you never know where it could be.

  3. It grabs the readers attention by adding a exaggeration(for example a hyperbole).They put some personification that makes the book interesting.A personification means that you think something that is alive.For example:The mysterious trees grabbed my leg and hauled me into the air.Beowulf is a adventorous story.

  4. I have never heard of the book/story Beowulf, but after what I’ve heard I LOVE this book because of the atmosphere it creates. I t AMAZING I just like it so much.

  5. Beowulf is very interesting because he has killed many beasts with his own bear hands. And has dealed with death before .

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