Science…and Dance.

Science…and Dance.

We all enjoyed our second session with the microbiologists from the university, and Rebecca, our choreographer.

We asked these questions;
  • What is good bacteria called and how does it affect your body?
  • Why are germs bad for us?
  • Which is the strongest anti biotic?
  • Which bacteria is the most dangerous and what can it do?

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  1. We started learning about bacteria. We used some glitter gel to see how we spread bacteria when we cough, sneeze or other things, that’s why its important to always WASH YOUR HAND. Then we will do some different movements to describe how bacteria moves.

  2. When we did our dance we had to do lifts which is incredible.We used glitter and pretended that it was bacteria and we had to spread it with different things.What we did is that the first person in our line had to have glitter on their hands and rub it all over.That person had to touch a ruler with their glittery hands and pass it alomn the line.Everyone in the line had glitter on their hands but not alot.So this proves that ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS.

  3. When I first leant about the different bacteria I did not know a thing we did but I know we have all came a long way from when we first began so I am so proud of all of us. I leant that you must wash your hands or you will get pseudomonas.

  4. When we did the science dance we always need to wash you hands because some are good for you and some are bad good ones are in you body so that is lactobacillus makes yogurt and cheese.

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