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  1. I think all of the countries are celebrating Christmas. it is like they are all on one Christmas tree to celebrate it.

  2. I wonder if it’s like all the countries are together on a Christmas tree.I wonder if Christmas is celebrated by every country in the world. I think it’s like advent and they put earth on last?

  3. I can see different county ball bubs.
    I can see earth around the count.

    I think that some people put these on the Christmas tree.
    I thing that they can show different county that they don’t know.

    I wonder that most people in the world don’t celebrate Christmas have different relingand.

  4. I can see the earth in the middle and all the different countries around it.They all have different colours compared the other countries.We know that christmas is going to come so all the countries are shaped like ball balls.What if these countries represent a religion.

    I think these countries are together and not fighting with each other.There are alot of countries and they miight be combining to form something.What does it tell you?

    I wonder if all these countries make a christmas tree because all of them are together.How many countries are there?

  5. I can see a world with different countries surrounding it. I wonder why they are made into Christmas bulbs and how much are there? Why are they there and who put them there?. I think that they are there because it shows how everyone from different countries join together to celebrate Christmas.
    Nice comment everyone,and merry Christmas.

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