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  1. I liked it all because some of it was funny and some of it was bad but I still liked it. The best bit was when they got married and it was really good.

  2. My favorite character is Abanarza because he kind of a wizard and I like wizards.The traditional aspects of a pantomime are boys playing girls parts and girls playing boys parts and unusual costumes.They also have different scenery and rooms.

  3. My favourite character was Aladdin because he was funny and he got most of the parts in the pantomime. We had to call out words like “boo” and “no” which is a traditional part of a pantomime.

  4. My favorite character would have to be Wishy Woshy.You know why,because when there is something really important,he dosen’t take it serious at all.The tradditional aspects in a pantomine has:
    -A bad character and a good
    -A girl acting as a boy
    -A lot of glitter and sequins
    -A lot of different and unique backrounds
    -A lot of contrasting characters
    -Lights pointing to the characters

  5. When we went to see Aladdin it was a nice treat because we watched something. Also there was funny names like wishy washy and widow twanky and azabanaza.

  6. We went to watch Aladdin at Nottingham play house last Thursday and it was epic. They did widow T like Honey G. And the sang songs like let it go and they did the manikin challenge it was SO GOOD.

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