Food for the Emperor

Food for the Emperor
Some year 5 children have created their own healthy Chinese dish (good enough for the Emperor)
What ingredients did you use? How did you decide to use them? How did your cooking link to our science work? Did the rest of the class enjoy the food you made?

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  1. I didn’t cook with Mrs Hodgson but it was nice and fit for the Emperor and I think that it was outstanding the cookers doing it without a recipe. I have a question did you put salt in the food?

  2. That Chinese food was great because I never tried Chinese food before and we all tried some think new and I like every single bit.

  3. The ingredients that we used were carrots, bamboo shoots, cabbage, onion, soy sauce, peppers, ginger,garlic and garlic five spice.We divided that the ones that took longer would go first and the ones that took like two minutes would go last. Our cooking was linked to materials because all of the ingredients we use all had different textures. I know for a fact that Deanna,Kiana and Leah all love the food because they just kept asking for more and in five seconds it was all gone.

  4. We discussed about how we could cook these ingredients carrots, rice, garlic, spring onions, bamboo shoots, ginger, soy sauce, peppers and Chinese 5 spices. We cooked the rice and carrots first because they took the longest to cook. I think the top three people who liked the food the best was Leah, Deanna and Kiana.

  5. Even though I was not cooking and I was doing art with Mrs Wieghtman the food tasted really nice but I am so sad that everybody ate it before and watched the film…I thought it was so not fair.My caring teacher(Mrs Hodgson)actually saved up a bit of food that the wonderful food was superlative.The children that made the food didn’t even have a recipe!So they deserve a well done.

  6. The people who made the food it was really nice because what I liked is the rice and pepper its because that it is really healthy for you and it can get your strength back and I think it will get your concentrations back and also you can make them again and its really nice

  7. We had to make the finest food fit for an emperor! First we had to think how we would arrange the food and what we would put in first. When we decided how we would cook the food we started chopping the ingredients(and grating them ) and we cooked them peace by peace. We had to make sure that all of the ingredients we used was healthy and a bit crunchy.
    I can agree latifa it was really nice ! Nice comments.

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