Dancing Bacteria!

Dancing Bacteria!
Year 5 started their microbiology dance project today with some microbiologists from Nottingham University. We can’t wait for the next part to the project.
What did you learn about bacteria? What questions do you have?

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  1. I learned that the Pseudomonas has to have a group when it moves. The best part was when we did some choreography for all the different bacteria and the pseudomonas can only make you sick when you are at the hospital.

      • Yes and I enjoyed Rebecca coming and spending time with us and I can not wait for January to arrive to learn more about bacteria and medicines.

        • Do you know who all the girls came from?
          One was a choegrapher and people who don’t know what it is I will tell you.A choegrapher is a person who teaches you moves for a dance.They make up dancing steps.

    • Which other bacteria makes you sick?
      Find out which bacteria is good or bad and how does it cause you in different ways.

  2. I enjoyed every single bit of the day because we did different things together and the dance moves helped me remember that the Salmonella’s pili go forwards then it drags himself along.

    • How does Pseudoma move?What does it use?Compare all these bacteria we have learned and find out how diifferent it is to each other.

  3. I learned that the salmonella comes from raw meat. It moves by twitching it’s legs. Pseudomonas moves around in groups ,it is found in hospitals,soil and animals.

  4. I enjoyed this lesson because it was learning and having fun at the same time. I learned that psudamonus lives in hospitals, animals and soil and it only starts when you’re immune system is low.

  5. When Rebecca came in we learned about germs and bacteria and we learned dances that represent the type of germs. Also you can find salmonella in raw meat and in hospitals.

  6. Which bacteria effects you the most?
    Is every bacteria bad?
    Which ones are good or bad/
    Where is bacteria found?
    How was it formed?
    Who was the first scientist to find out bacteria?

    These bacterias are really complicating me because I wondered if every bacteria is bad but some could be good…

  7. Questions;
    What does bacteria do to you?
    How do you get bacteria on you body?
    What happened if you touch it?
    Will you be ill?
    Where does it come from?

  8. What do you do at university?
    What is the most dangerous bacteria?
    What are they all made out of?
    Do they all make you sick?

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