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  1. Broadway was an amazing experience mostly when we got to watch the Chinese film. This was actually linked to our work at class because learning different things about China such as terracotta army, painting Chinese letters which you will see in our class blog. The soldiers were having jobs in the chariots and only 3. One was the leader so leading where they were going. Another one was the rongyou which is a Chinese word and there job was to protect anyone trying to get close to the chariot. Last but not least was the archer which you might already know it means and it means using a bow and arrows to kill people in far distances.
    The soldiers were wearing leather boots, armor and helmets.
    When they were about to start a fight the fired 100’s of arrows to see how many people they could kill.
    Those seats were made by the one and only Paul Smith.

  2. At broadway we watched some movies and to see what life was like 100’s of years ago. And we had to draw a Chinese dragons and had to write about what we saw.

  3. If you were a soldier in ancient China you would wear leather armour and have a spare and a little dagger in your pocket. If you were higher in the army you would wear fancy clothes with a special spare with a tiny dagger. Three people work in chariots and the commando steers the chariots the other person shoots arrows at the back of and the last person is who kills people nearby.

  4. I loved Broadway because we only just went to see movies,but.We wrote all about the chariots and the soldiers and how life works in ancient china.The ancient Chinese chariot was used as an attack vehicle on the open fields and plains of Ancient China from around 1200 BCE. Chariots also allowed commanders from which to control troops while protecting archers and soldiers armed with dagger-axes. The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures protecting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife.

  5. Nice comments guys I can agree the place we went was really nice I wish to go there again and the movie that we watched was amazing i was so glad that the man helped the little boy so he could survive if I ever found a kid and he needed help when I grow up I will do the same of what he did .

  6. I liked watching some movies and I liked that the seats were made by Paul Smith . and everyone like it. the movies were about ancient China and I learnt some new things about ancient China that I didn’t know before.

  7. We went to watch a movie could ancient China at Broadway so that we can learn more things about ancient china.Although there was a China movie the characters were ling and josh and the movie it was all about the scary door and the dragon.

  8. The Chinese film was cool I really like it the because we got to watch two things there and the movie that we just watch was really amazing and doing work but the best film is the second one because it at home it gave me some fact about it so I really enjoyed it.
    The other best was drawing the dragon it was really hard to draw and every one has been participating and team working and we did really good

  9. Class 5, what did you all learn about Ancient Chinese warriors? I remember learning about their armour and how more important people looked better and were less protected because they didn’t always have to fight unless it got really bad.

  10. The film was amazing because when we watched the film it make you want to watch it more and more so you can learn more and we have learned a lot and a bit scary with the sound but really good I like it were the Chinese people battle each other and I wont to watch It again and that was fun on the second film was really cool because it when ling put here head on the floor and the door open by it self that bit was really good and I enjoy that and I hope that we watch it again because that bit that I really like a lot and we leant lot of thing a weeks ago I wont to watch it again soon I really enjoyed that very much.

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