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  1. It looks like you guys had fun doing the Chinese art. Can you guys explain to me what you were actually doing because I was somewhere else. Can you also work out what the letters mean so I can understand more clearly.

  2. In my experience, I personally loved Chinese art and the culture that is illustrated by this art. The different Chinese words were interesting to see as it all had a variety of style in each letter. I found it very amusing and I enjoyed every bit of learning about the creativity of the Chinese words.

  3. The ancient Chinese painting was very interesting because w users a sheet to tell us the ancient China means so we can draw. I guess every bodies ancient Chinese painting is mind boberling to me even mises shore’s painting was good as well.

  4. What we did is Chinese painting Chinese drawing and then we got a piece of paper and draw two small lines a the top of the sheet and I thing every one did a good job at doing that.

  5. We were all doing different Chinese act it was really interesting and challenging and it was really good everyone was different how they do thing differently and really hard so well done to all the class5 and they really enjoyed it.
    nice work

  6. When I did my China painting and I was very proud of my painting and I had a good day and everyone was brilliant at it so well done

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