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  1. I loved making my good song because had to work in 4 and 5 and we make a it was a good song to make and everyone did good with it was fantastic.

  2. I really loved making our bullying song because bullying is serious and anyone getting bullied needs to know that there are not on there own they have they friends to talk about it to.

  3. I loved the anti-bullying song because we all made the songs lyrics.This was a good experience because we tried something new.I liked playing the guitar because it’s a really nice instrument to play.I hoped everyone liked it because we tried so hard to come up with some lyrics

  4. Well done Swaathi you have done a paragraph there . What did you learn about bulling other people at school and you are really nice to other people everyone in our class every single day in school*

  5. It was nice singing with Mr marshall and with been going in different group and we have to sing about anti bullying and we had loads of fun.

  6. That guitar lesson was very good because it make people to stop bullying to other people and the song was magnificent and thank you Mr marshall for doing alltogether.

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