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  1. Testing different kitchen rolls was actually a good experience because we can find out which one absorbs the most and which one is the best to use.We felt different rolls and some were really strong when we felt it.This was a science lesson.Our teacher gave all of us a chart sheet.We have to use these scientific words such as:Products,materials,manufacturer,absorb.On the chart we had to put all the products and then we made predictions of which one will absorb the most.

  2. The science when we were using it was magnificent because all the year five were outing water in the plenty and we used the tray so we carn’t make the carpet wet so that was very teamworking.

  3. We got different toilet papers and we put water on them to see if you can reuse them they went very well but some of them wasn’t really how they said on the packet so we had to put more water on them to see if anything else would happen to them .

  4. Today at school we have experiment which one is the strongest and I think the green one is the strongest because when we put the weight on it didn’t fall.

  5. When we did the science we were seeing how strong and how much it can absolve and how quick it was. when we did the work we had pipets so we new how much we put in it. we put 3ml in the pipets and we would put it on the kitchen roll but we put to much in the strong and absolvent so we had to re try it.

  6. On the 16th, we were trying new experiments with kitchen rolls. I know people will be like why were they using kitchen rolls for an experiment let me explain. Well basically, we were trying to find with was the most absorbent, which mean which one is the quickest in soaking liquid up. The slowest was the Ultimate kitchen roll and the quickest was strong and absorbent which is why we tried it again. 2nd try we put 3 ml of water with the pipettes then put it in the middle of the roll.

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