Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me

A message from Year 5;

‘Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t let anybody tell you who to be. You can be your own person’.


Today we discussed some important ideas.

What things make us different to each other?

What things make us special?

We all have the right to be happy. What else do we have the right to?

What can you do that is special?


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  1. Things what makes us our personality and different believes.Our skills and our goals.We have the right to eat and drink.Help people that are being bulled and stick up for them.

  2. The things that makes us different is that we all come from a different country,speak a different language,beleive a different religion,our skin tone there is so many things that makes us different.Being different is actually special because you can teach other people your language.I’m German,Stephanie is Spanish,Anika and Emanya are Jamaican.We have the right to speak,say no,and talk to your friends.If we have the right to do something we can do it and know one can stop us!

  3. The thing that makes us special from each other is that we all come from different cultures and we need to accept that.But if you cant accept that its your own fault because we are all different. What make makes us special is our language and how we speak, because not everyone speaks English and not everyone speaks Spanish. We all have the right to say NO, be ourselves and to have our say. I can be kind and be thoughtful to make other people feel happy and to show them that i respect there culture.

  4. The things that make us different is that we all like different things and have different tastes. The other thing that make us special is that we have different cultures and belief. Another thing is that we have rights such as eating, having friends and being our-self and one of the important ones are NO means no and we have the right to say no if we don’t feel comfortable. What I can do that is special is be kind, loyal to my friends and others, thoughtful, and funny. But there is one thing I have to say is the most MODEST person in our class is drum role………… RALPH.

  5. The thing that makes us special is that we are all different and we all have different personalities. We all have rights to do stuff like: have friends, have the right to be what we want and how we want. If someone does something you don’t feel comfortable with, tell some one or it can worse. Always be your self because you should never lie about who you really are. You should be kind because people will kind to you, tips how to be kind: be honest, be kind and loyal and a loving friend.

  6. The things that make us special are our looks and beliefs and also my ways of being special is being nice and respectful to everybody making sure they get the treat of respect everyone should get. if you are different in a way you should always be treated kindly

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