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  1. They are all made by a different product,for example paper is made by trees and cornflakes is made by corn . They all use paper in packages.

  2. They are connected because sticky note pads,cornflakes and penciling help you with so much things because when you need to write something when you are in a hurry,when you woke up the morning you eat breakfast and that helps you with not being hungry when you go to school and when you are not feeling well you need to take tablets it is just like medicine.They are all made by a different product but they still can be compared with different products.

  3. They are also connected because to wrap them they use cardboard and like Shiloh said they are different as-well because paper-trees cornflakes-corn and penicillin-mold.

  4. The time with Jackson was really cool because we got to make sculptures with our bodies and it was a competition and me and my team won because of creativity.After we made our own invention called UFTH- unbreakable football test-tub holder.

  5. I learnt that they’re all similar as they have a product used to make it. Trees make paper and paper is used to wrap most other products and to write on. Each of these items have more than 1 use. Paper to wrap and write. Penicilin for medical and health and corn flakes can be used to eat or make cakes, e.g. cornflake cakes.

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