The Mystery of Charlotte Dymond

The Mystery of Charlotte Dymond

Recently we visited Top Valley Academy, where we had to solve a mysterious incident from the Victorian times. The mystery was based on the true story of Charlotte Dymond.

Explain what your role was. Were you a reporter, a detective or a forensic scientist? How did we all work together to solve the mystery?

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  1. The mystery was impossible but there is no such thing as impossible.I was a reporter.We found really good clues to solve why was Charlotte Diamond dead. I know what happened.Mathew liked Charlotte but Charlotte liked someone else so Mathew got jealous so he killed Charlotte.Reporters had special ties and a clipboard,detectives had a policeman cap and the scientists had lab coats.Is it true or not…

  2. When we was at Top valley academy we was split into groups of detectives ,scientists and police offices .We had to solve the mysert of the murder of charlotte dymond she was killed in the place of bodmin moor in cornwall . We all thought it was her ex boyfriend matthew weeks in the science group we had to do diffrent experaments and the last experament we did was if he was lying it would turn red as acid.

  3. Wow! This piece of work is from a long time ago. Hmmm. I don’t know who Charlotte Dymond is. Class 5, please can you share some facts?

  4. At Top Valley Academy, my role was a detective . We needed to use our maths, science and reading skills ,to solve the mystery of Charlotte Dymond . We found out that Charlotte’s lover Matthew Weaks, sliced her arm with a razor Bodmin moor.

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