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  1. I think the rest of year 5 I joyed there morning doing work With their parants . I in joyed making my Christmas card.

  2. On our Working on r mums and dads came to looking some thing that we never did befor.
    When we did that we went to the wonder room they were lots of different thing they are snake skin , silver skeleton,keys, fake snake,pictures they really good.

  3. I loved it when our parents came to our wonder room.I didn’t even know what the wonder room was like until then.Our parents experienced what we are learning in class.We held a real snakeskin in the wonder room.I hoped our parents liked the wonder room and what they learned

  4. In the wonder room they were lots of interesting thing they were
    nice pictures silver skeleton and they were little small keys but from a long time ago

  5. My dad was really happy because he learnt all about the wonder room.I think his best part of the curiosity event was when we went in the wonder room.No one even me had a clue what the wonder room was like.Me and my dad learnt alot.There were all sorts of things like objects from the past and what will happen in the future

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