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  1. We had to drop the objects in the flour the heavy the object the more the depth is and the bigger the object the wider it is. The coits depth was 3 and width was 18

  2. Our investigation was amazing.We discovered how the craters are formed and what is a crater.The craters are formed by something that is really heavy or a asteroid r.We did some craters as well.The point was all about the weight.We used different objects.We didn’t just do that we did a chart and we labelled it’s length weight depth.It was really fun.I feel sorry for Takunda because he got sprayed with flour all over his shoes and trousers.

    • Yes Varshneeye in space there is no weather and when you step on the moon your footprint can never move. So we decided to test some objects so we can know how big the depth is and how much weight there is.

  3. I can see craters on the moon. When you turn the picture around it looks like a pancake.The crater that is on the moon, is formed by asteroids. We found out that when we droped the ball ,hole got bigger although the depth wasn’t deeper.

  4. On the moon craters are formed when you step on it. For example when the first ever person who stepped on the moon, left some footprints on the moon because in space there is no weather.

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