Place Value Mastermind

Place Value Mastermind

In this game, you need to guess a secret 4 digit number.

You need to have 3 headings

Think of a number, ask a partner to guess the number.

Your partner needs to use the clues for each new guess.

How many guesses do you need?

Number guess Number of correct digits Digits in the correct place

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  1. In the game we had a partner to play with and I was with Deanna and she had a 4 digit number.So she wrote her number her number and she gave me clues for me to guess her number. Then I used her clues really accurate and it took me 5 tries till i got it. Because it took me 5 tries I didn’t get to have a go but it was till so fun to play. And her number was 2295.

  2. The game was amazing.I knever knew that our teacher would let us play a game in maths.Our teacher reaally kind than any other teacher because she explains alot about what we are doing.My partner was ralph.He had a four digit number and I had to guess it.He gave me lots of clues but they weren’t only clues like giving us the whole number he was just giving some information but I had to work it out using what I already know.It took me five tries.It was a bit hard but we have to challenge ourselves.Thats what our school is about.

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