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  1. Happiness is something exquisite.It feels like you had the best day ever.The only things that makes me happy is seeing someone making new friends.Seeing people that helps each other and making that effect everyone around us doing the right thing.

  2. In my opinion i think you can never see happiness and can only feel it.
    Also all those people, who think they can go to a shop and buy happiness, that will be impossible. If you want to get happiness you have to give it to someone and they will give you back.

  3. What makes me happy is being together with my friends. To make others happy you need to care for them, fill their buckets, and respect everyone.

  4. Everyone makes me happy even my school I really like being in Henry whipple even my family also you need to be happy!!

  5. happiness look like when they make other people happy to and it makes me happy as well all of my friends at school make me happy all the time.
    like vilte ,cornor ,melche ,milly,charis,shannon,kasy,anika,
    shillo,vlad,kyle dylen all of my friends.

  6. Vilte who makes you happy in school.My friends in school are vilte latiifa charis Milly Ralf and more everyone makes me happy in school all the time.

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