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  1. Ooh! Peace. I will be excited about that. On International Peace day I would not want to see people being very angry because that is terrifying ,especially when my parents are angry. What would you like on International Peace Day Year 5.

    • I would like to see that there are no harm done.Everyone being really friendly to everyone and this effects people around you.Being helpful does make that you will get a peace day.

  2. Peace is so special that it is your life.I don’t want any of the people being really angry and no one suffereing.I think that it is really important that you need peace.Peace is like freedom and relaxing.If someone is being really horrible to you it can effect everyone around you.You are the ones that have to make peace around you.If you do it everyone will do it

  3. Peace means to me that is a day when people stop fighting. It’s almost like living a new life when the area is quite for a day. I mostly helps the children suffering or the people who are injured to have medications they most take.I will like to see people in the war being friends for a day or even more that will be great and seeing people dropping their guns or bombs and giving a hug to each other that will be a new life better than the one people have been suffering through.
    I hope people in the world see this text and say well I think I may live a new life.

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