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  1. I learnt that they have a lot of beaches and our houses where different to ours because they are made of stone and ours are made of brick

  2. I learned that Norfolk has lots of beaches around.
    Is different because some people live in cottages while we live in normal houses.
    I mostly enjoyed the boat trip for the search of seals and I like and learned how they are harmless creatures.

  3. The Norfolk coast is different their are cliffs your by the sea .people who live their are very elderly. I enjoyed learning new thing and showing this is a wonderful world.

    • Hi Varshneyee nice to hear from you.
      One of our favorite part was the boat trip and seeing the seals.
      And now I can tell them apart so if there is a seal and it was light grey its a female if it had dark skin it was a male but if it was light and dark its still a female.

  4. The Norfolk Coast was very different because their are very high cliffs and it was next to the beach.When we were on the cliff we could see the wonderful view,but the worst thing is that we had to walk for miles and miles and miles.If you want to know how many steps we walked ask Mrs weightmen.She is the expert of counting how many steps we did.We were worn out so much and we got very swety and smelly.Thank god we had to shower so we were nice and fresh.

  5. Along the Norfolk coast there were cliffs. The cliffs were found next to the sea. The beaches are covered in pebbles and stones and sand is further away. People have a pebble roof on their house. I enjoyed going to the beach because we got to do different activities, such as, crabbing. I enjoyed eating crab meat because it was delicious and yummy! I tried a cockle but I didn’t like it.

  6. It was different their because there were a lot more elders than I thought and there were not that many kids.Their life were different to ours because they had straw houses and had stone houses.We have brick houses.I thought at first when I came to Sheringham that they were poor when I saw the elders,but I was actually wrong they had a really nice village and had a lot of beaches.

  7. The most experience that I enjoyed the best is going on the seal trip because we went on the boat for the first time,experiencing how it would be like.We didn’t actually see one or two seals, we saw alot of them,they were crammed together.I learned a lot from them because we were searching about the seals in Blakeney at Sheringham.They were so cute!!!!!

  8. I learned that the North Norfolk area is different because of the imperious clifftops, all the beaches around in and out of Sheringham and the seals. Life is different because some-people live in cottages and we live in normal houses.I can’t chose what I enjoyed the most because it was a amazing experience so everything was what I enjoyed because it was interesting and fun at the same time.

    • The cliffs were really steep at Sheringham. What can you find out about how big the cliffs are? Are there others that are even bigger?

  9. I loves the food and the hotel it was the best trip ever in my life because we get to have chips. And we went to different beaches.

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