Sheringham Accomplished!

Sheringham Accomplished!

Well done Year 5, you were ALL absolutely amazing on our residential to Sheringham.

I’m so proud of your team working skills and how you supported each other. You showed fantastic resilience and independence.

It was brilliant to get so many comments from members of the public about your wonderful behaviour. Be proud of yourselves.

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  1. A big thank you to Mrs Winter, Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Weightmann for their hard work and preparation without which we wouldn’t be able to facilitate learning away experiences.

    Please tell me all about your learning at Sherringham ?

  2. I am really sad that we finished Sheringham but we had a lot of fun.The crab was nice when we ate it from the shell.Sleeping with my friends in the bunk bed was very nice.I slept with Emanya,Anika and Stephanie.We giggled so much in our at night and we couldn’t even sleep.

    • You loved the crab Swaathi! I wonder if we could find some recipes and have a go at cooking some of our own at school so other children can try it too.

  3. I really enjoyed my trip to Sheringham because it was fun. I loved trying different types of food but I didn’t like some of them. Thank you to the teachers, for taking us on the lovely trip.

  4. I loved Sheringham I just wish it wasn’t over. Swaathi was right we giggled every night we couldn’t even go to bed! amazing trip I’m just waiting for the year 6 trip next up London.

  5. We had random people coming up to Mrs Hodgson saying that we were amazing and they thought we were year 6. We had about 10 people to say that. Mrs Hodgson was right the breakfast was AMAZING when year 4 go there they will understand what we mean by all this.

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